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Shareholder Information

Exchange Listings
Toronto Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange

Symbols & Reference Numbers
Toronto Stock Exchange: BMO
New York Stock Exchange: BMO
CUSIP: 063671101
SEC CIK: 0000927971

Common Share Trading Information: Fiscal 2018

Common shares outstanding (as at: 31 October 2018): 639.3 Million
Average volume of shares traded on TSX:  1,317,079
Average volume of shares traded on NYSE: 425,322
在线免费观看 Market Capitalization (31 October 2018):


Proxy Access Policy
At BMO, we are proud of our strong corporate governance record, and we consider our Board of Directors’ adoption of a proxy access policy to be a further indication of our willingness to listen and respond to the broader shareholder community. Our Board has reviewed prevailing proxy access models, and consulted with outside legal advisors to develop a form of proxy access policy that would permit qualifying shareholders to have their own director nominee(s) included in the Bank’s management proxy circular and form of proxy. Our policy is generally consistent with those prevalent in the United States, except for differences reflecting the Canadian statutory regime.

Proxy Access Policy
Georgeson Asset Reunification Program
BMO has engaged Georgeson Shareholder Communications Canada Inc. ("Georgeson") to administer an Asset Reunification program to search and locate holders of lost assets and reunite our BMO shareholders with their unclaimed cash and/or share entitlements.

If you have any questions regarding participation in the Asset Reunification program, please contact Georgeson toll free at 1-866-962-0502 or collect at 514-982-2390 or visit the
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