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Personal Banking

Creating your Financial Plan with BMO

There are many things to consider when creating a financial plan. Knowing what to expect can make creating a plan that much easier. Get started by following the four steps below or by watching our .

Step 1: Getting to know each other

Simply put, a plan starts with a conversation. We'll have a discussion about your needs and goals both now and in the future. We will also set the stage for your working partnership by providing clarity on the planning process and asking you about your preferences for communication and involvement.

Step 2: The information stage

在线免费观看Next, we'll confirm our understanding of your short- and long-term priorities. To start building your financial picture, we'll ask you some questions about your current financial situation such as your assets, liabilities, spending habits and investments. This conversation will give you a better understanding of your financial situation and provide your advisor with a solid base to start building your plan.

Step 3: Building the Plan

First, we analyze the information from our initial conversations and share our understanding in the form of a written plan. This plan is like a roadmap that outlines the path forward with alternative ways to reach your goals. Next, we discuss the plan with you to determine the options that work best for you. Once we've agreed that this is the right plan for you, we'll set out your next steps so you can start living your new plan.

Step 4: Living the Plan

在线免费观看Once your plan is put into action, you can be confident that you are moving towards achieving your goals. Life happens, and your goals and situation can change along the way. Together, we will revisit and fine-tune your plan as things change to ensure that your plan is relevant and on track. Together, we will keep your goals in sight and work to move you toward their successful achievement.

Let's talk. Call a BMO Financial Planner* today at


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在线免费观看* BMO financial planner refers to Financial Planners, Investment and Retirement Planning that are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and separate entity from Bank of Montreal.

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