Accepting payments and payroll


在线免费观看Managing your cash flow effectively is key to running a successful business. We can help you simplify and improve the way your customers pay you, and the way you pay your employees.




Solutions for your business



Moneris®* payment solutions

Get exclusive benefits as a BMO customer


  • Sign up with Moneris and enjoy special savings in banking fees with unlimited Moneris debits & credits
  • Accept debit and credit card payments securely in store, online, and on-the-go
  • Funds are deposited into your BMO account faster – as early as the next-business day



ADP®† Payroll and HR Services

ADP®** Payroll and HR Services

在线免费观看Make your payday easier!



Receive 2 months of free HR services and free payroll processing, plus free implementation!


Purchase ADP’s Small Business Payroll Solution or Payroll & HR Bundle and receive two months free plus free implementation! Feel confident that your staff will be paid accurately and on time with Teampay by ADP® and learn HR basics easily on the ADP HR AssistSM Portal, the all in one portal that allows you to access valuable HR documents and tools to help you manage risk and rest easy.


  • Stay current with provincial and federal legislation
  • Save time by automating Records of Employment and by having tax remittances and T4’s filed on your behalf
  • Easily access online reporting & pay stubs
  • Access a vast library of customizable HR templates (such as job descriptions, offer letters, performance management templates and more)
  • Create, customize, and print an employee handbook in minutes with ADP’s easy to use step-by-step wizard
  • Access to live one-on-one friendly phone support from ADP’s team of Canadian HR experts




Paying your taxes


Running a sole proprietorship in Canada means you need to take care of your personal income taxes, as well as file provincial tax if you earn more than $30,000 a year. If you’re incorporated, you’ll need to pay federal taxes on behalf of your company.

The BMO Tax Payment and Filing Service can help you file and pay government taxes online, including payroll source deductions, corporate income tax, GST and PST.


Managing and paying your taxes is a critical component of running your business. If you’re starting or operating a small business, there are a number of tax considerations you’ll need to keep in mind. Filing a GST/HST return and a personal income tax return (T4) are the two most important tax-related responsibilities you’ll have.


在线免费观看 If your business is incorporated, you’ll have to file a corporation income tax (T2) return every tax year. The has useful and detailed information – including checklists and forms – to help you stay on top of your taxes.


Not sure where to start?


在线免费观看Let us help you find what you need by telling us a bit about your business.


Number of years in business


Annual revenue


Number of employees



Where You’re At

Starting Out


Sounds like you’re getting your business started. We have products, tips and tools that can help you get your business off the ground.



Growing Your Business


Looking to grow your business? We can help you build on what you’ve established, with services and solutions designed to take your business to the next level.


Managing Your Business


在线免费观看 We can help you run your business more efficiently with cash flow, payroll and payment solutions that will make your day-to-day operations easier.




在线免费观看 We can help you get the most out of what you put into your business, with succession and retirement planning services to suit your needs.



Banking with Us

We have bank accounts and plans designed to suit the needs of your business. Find the best match for you.

Credit Cards

Looking to separate your business and personal expenses? Explore our selection of Business Credit Cards.

Business Borrowing

Whether you’re looking to expand or to simply improve your cash flow, we have loans and lines of credit that can help.

Commercial Borrowing

在线免费观看 We offer flexible borrowing solutions designed to help larger businesses grow and operate more efficiently.

Accepting Payments

在线免费观看 Enjoy access to innovative, industry-leading payment solutions that make it easier for your customers to pay you.

Payroll Services

We can help make payday easier, with payroll solutions that ensure your employees are paid and taxed accurately.

Paying Taxes

We can help you file and pay government taxes online, including payroll source deductions, corporate income tax, GST and PST.

Cash Management

Our extensive cash management solutions can help you efficiently manage your payables, receivables, liquidity and risk.

Corporate Cards

Looking to simplify, control and monitor employee spending? Explore our wide range of corporate card options.

®* MONERIS, MONERIS & Design, PAYD and GIFTPASS are registered trade-marks of Moneris Solutions Corporation. #VISA is a registered trade-mark of Visa International. #MASTERCARD is a registered trade-mark of MasterCard International Incorporated. #DISCOVER is a registered trade-mark of Discover Financial Services. #INTERAC is a registered trade-mark of Interac Inc. All other marks and registered trade-marks are the property of their respective owners. #在线免费观看American Express is used with permission by Amex Bank of Canada under license from American Express. ™ PAYD PRO, PAYD PRO PLUS, MONERIS BE PAYMENT READY & Design and GIFTCERTIFICATES.CA is a trade-mark of Moneris Solutions Corporation. All other marks and registered trade-marks are the property of their respective owners.


ADP, the ADP logo and TeamPay by ADP are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC. Copyright©2019. ADP Canada Co. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


1 All Business Banking Plans qualify for unlimited Moneris transactions. Actual savings may vary depending on which Everyday Banking for Business Plan is selected for your account. Moneris payment processing fees still apply. Applies to all deposits posted by Moneris to your BMO business account in connection with your acceptance of MasterCard, Visa*, Interac在线免费观看, Discover* or Union Pay* branded cards and American Express* transactions that are settled by Moneris - including deposit of settlement funds, terminal rental fee, and any other fees. American Express credit card transactions that are not settled through Moneris are not included in unlimited Moneris transactions, and are subject to separate terms and conditions. Standard transaction fees apply. Refer to Moneris Solutions for complete details. All other debit or credit transactions posted to your BMO account related to any other brand of card processed using Moneris services, are not included and may be subject to transaction limits associated with your Plan and/or excess per-item transaction fees. (* Visa, Discover, American Express and Union Pay are trademarks of their respective owners.)


2在线免费观看 Subject to certain terms and conditions.


3 Receive 2 months of free HR services and free payroll processing, including free implementation, when you are referred by Bank of Montreal (“BMO”) by August 31, 2019 and sign and submit ADP’s standard service agreement by September 30, 2019. Cannot be combined with any other promotions and is only available to new ADP clients in Canada with 1-49 employees that are referred by BMO. Applies only for solutions & bundles for Small-Medium Businesses: TeamPay by ADP® or TeamPay by ADP Live ESSENTIAL or ENHANCED or ENHANCED+ or COMPLETE BUNDLES that include ZipRecruiter® and HR Foresight (“Qualifying TeamPay by ADP Bundles”) and Comprehensive Outsourcing Services. Free payroll processing applies to the recurring payroll processing fees paid by you to ADP. “Recurring payroll processing fees” exclude, without limitation: (i) any underlying payroll funding obligations (wages, taxes, third party remittances); (ii) any fees for official bank cheques, tax or special one-time reports; (iii) Year-end services; (iv) refundable deposits or third-party pass-through charges (including delivery charges); (v) direct expenses/charges (e.g. NSF fees); (vi) penalties and interest; (vii) fees for shipping, delivery and installation of equipment or software, custom programming, the sale or leasing of equipment or software, or maintenance; and (viii) income derived from the float. ADP reserves the right to discontinue or modify this promotion at any time.


在线免费观看“BMO” and the “m-bar roundel symbol” are registered trade-marks of Bank of Montreal. Services referenced herein are provided by ADP Canada Co. ADP Canada Co. is not a member of The Bank of Montreal.


ADP, the ADP logo and TeamPay by ADP are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC. Copyright©2019. ADP Canada Co. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



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