ADP®†** Payroll and HR Services






Access everything you need to help improve compliance, reduce costs and get the best out of your most important asset: Your employees. Contact your BMO® Representative today to learn more about the services ADP offers.


Special ADP® Offer for BMO® Clients
Receive 2 months of free HR & payroll (including free implementation)!


Simplify payroll for your small business
With Teampay by ADP®, you can expect an easy-to-navigate cloud-based payroll solution that’s ready when you are, with wizards to guide you through key tasks as you go.

  • Feel confident your staff will be paid accurately and on time
  • Stay current with provincial and federal legislation
  • Save time by automating Records of Employment and by having tax remittances and T4’s filed on your behalf
  • Easily access online reporting & pay stubs


HR made easy
ADP HR AssistSM is a convenient to use, all in one portal that allows access to valuable HR documents and tools to help you manage risk and rest easy.

  • Learn the HR basics easily on the portal to help you better manage your business—expertise available 24/7
  • Access a vast library of customizable HR templates (such as job descriptions, offer letters, performance management templates and more)
  • Create, customize, and print an employee handbook in minutes with ADP’s easy to use step-by-step wizard
  • Access to live one-on-one friendly phone support from ADP’s team of Canadian HR experts


Why is ADP the Canadian leader in Human Capital Management?

Our customers enjoy:


  • A fast, simple and professional payroll
  • A cloud-based or outsourced payroll that helps you get your team paid on time, every time
  • Integrated, cloud-based tools to help you manage time and attendance, recruiting, performance, compensation and more
  • Access to fully outsourced, shared HR services with designated HR experts, as well as on-demand access to payroll, talent and other specialists

Getting Started is Easy:




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* Terms and Conditions:

Receive 2 months of free HR services and free payroll processing, including free implementation, when you are referred by Bank of Montreal (“BMO”) by August 31, 2019 and sign and submit ADP’s standard service agreement by September 30, 2019. Cannot be combined with any other promotions and is only available to new ADP clients in Canada with 1-49 employees that are referred by BMO. Applies only for solutions & bundles for Small-Medium Businesses: TeamPay by ADP® or TeamPay by ADP Live ESSENTIAL or ENHANCED or ENHANCED+ or COMPLETE BUNDLES that include ZipRecruiter® and HR Foresight (“Qualifying TeamPay by ADP Bundles”) and Comprehensive Outsourcing Services. Free payroll processing applies to the recurring payroll processing fees paid by you to ADP. “Recurring payroll processing fees” exclude, without limitation: (i) any underlying payroll funding obligations (wages, taxes, third party remittances); (ii) any fees for official bank cheques, tax or special one-time reports; (iii) Year-end services; (iv) refundable deposits or third-party pass-through charges (including delivery charges); (v) direct expenses/charges (e.g. NSF fees); (vi) penalties and interest; (vii) fees for shipping, delivery and installation of equipment or software, custom programming, the sale or leasing of equipment or software, or maintenance; and (viii) income derived from the float. ADP reserves the right to discontinue or modify this promotion at any time.

“BMO” and the “m-bar roundel symbol” are registered trade-marks of Bank of Montreal. Services referenced herein are provided by ADP Canada Co. ADP Canada Co. is not a member of The Bank of Montreal.
在线免费观看 ADP, the ADP logo and TeamPay by ADP are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC. Copyright©2019. ADP Canada Co. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


1Source: ADP Study – May 2013.



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