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Important notices to all users of this Website:

Our Terms of Use

We want you to use and enjoy our Website, but it is important that you take a moment to read the information below.

Note:在线免费观看 For the legal notices on sites of certain other members of BMO Financial Group simply click on the links provided:

Bank of Montreal maintains this Website to provide you with information about the products and services of various members of BMO Financial Group. Each time you use this Website you indicate your acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms and conditions below, which we may revise periodically without notice. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not use the Website.

  • 在线免费观看We take great care to ensure that the use of this Website and the services available through it such as online banking are safe and secure. We are committed to protecting the security of our customers' funds, as well as the confidentiality of personal and financial information within the web server hosting our Website and our internal computer systems.

    在线免费观看Unauthorized use of this Website and our systems including but not limited to unauthorized entry into our systems, misuse of passwords, or misuse of any information on the Website is prohibited.

    Although considerable care has been taken in preparing and maintaining the information and materials contained on this Website, they are provided on an "as is" basis, without warranty of any kind either express or implied. In particular, all responsibility or liability for any damages caused to computer systems, software or electronic files by computer viruses, "worms", "trojan horses" or other items or forces of an intrusive, disruptive or destructive nature is disclaimed.

    Please note that regular, unencrypted e-mail messages over the Internet are not secure (i.e. not private) at this time. Please do not send personal or financial information to us using unencrypted e-mail. Alternative, secure means of communicating with us over the Internet are available to Online Banking customers. We are not liable if you send confidential information to us over the Internet using regular, unencrypted e-mail and that information subsequently becomes public through no fault of ours.

    For more information on liability and limitations of liability in connection with the use of online banking, please refer to your

  • 在线免费观看The products and services described in this Website are only offered in jurisdictions where they may be legally offered for sale.

    The information on this Website is not an offer or solicitation by anyone in any jurisdiction in which an offer or solicitation cannot legally be made, or to any person to whom it is unlawful to make a solicitation.

  • All products and services are subject to the terms of the applicable agreements.

  • The information contained on this Website and pages within is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide specific legal, accounting, financial or tax advice for you and should not be relied upon in that regard.

  • Facts and information provided by Bank of Montreal, and its subsidiaries and affiliates are believed to be accurate when placed on the Website. Changes may be made at any time to the information at this Website without prior notice. Please consult any branch of BMO Bank of Montreal in Canada for complete and up-to-date information on products and services.

  • 在线免费观看While every effort is made to ensure that all software provided at this Website, is suitable for use on a wide variety of computer systems, you should take reasonable and appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses, and ensure compatibility of the software with your specific computer system. You should also ensure that you have a complete and current backup of the information contained on your computer system prior to installing such software.

  • In compliance with the Support Orders and Support Provisions (Banks and Authorized Foreign Banks) Regulations and Support Orders and Support Provisions (Trust and Loan Companies) Regulations, the following locations have been designated for the service of enforcement notices in respect of the below noted provinces for BMO Bank of Montreal.

    Alberta and Northwest Territories

    Edmonton Main Branch
    10199-101 Street NW
    Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 3Y4
    在线免费观看Transit 0014

    British Columbia and Yukon

    Vancouver Main Branch
    595 Burrard Street
    Vancouver, British Columbia, V7X 1L7
    Transit 0004


    Winnipeg Main Branch
    335 Main Street
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 1C2
    Transit 0003

    New Brunswick

    Moncton Main Branch
    633 Main Street
    Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 8P7
    在线免费观看Transit 0035

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    St. John's Main Branch
    238 Water Street
    St. John's, Newfoundland A1C 1A9
    Transit 1002

    Nova Scotia

    Halifax Main Branch
    5151 George Street
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2M3,
    Transit 0009

    Ontario and Nunavut

    Toronto Main Branch
    100 King Street W
    P.O. Box 3
    Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1A3
    Transit 0002

    Prince Edward Island

    Charlottetown Main Branch
    105 Grafton Street
    Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, C1A 7L2
    Transit 0037


    BMO Group financier et Societe de fiducie BMO Groupe financier
    Succursale principale
    119, rue Saint-Jacques
    Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 1L6
    在线免费观看Transit 0001


    Regina Main Branch 1800 Scarth Street
    Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 2G3
    Transit 0013

  • "BMO Financial Group" and "BMO Bank of Montreal" are marketing names (also referred to as trade names or brand names) used by Bank of Montreal.

    BMO Wealth Management is a brand name that refers to Bank of Montreal and certain of its affiliates in providing wealth management products and services.

  • Certain names, graphics, logos, icons, designs, words, titles or phrases on this Website are trade names, or trade-marks owned by Bank of Montreal or other entities, or licensed to them. Trade-marks may be registered in Canada and in other countries as applicable. The Bank's trade-marks are, in most cases on this Website, accompanied at an early, prominent use in the Website with an appropriate trade-mark symbol such as ®, TM, or similar indicator to denote Bank of Montreal's ownership:

    在线免费观看® Registered trade-mark of Bank of Montreal

    ™ Trade-mark of Bank of Montreal

    在线免费观看Some of the registered trade-marks owned by Bank of Montreal include:

    "BMO", 在线免费观看 ,"Bank of Montreal"

    The display of trade-marks on pages at this Website does not imply that a license of any kind has been granted to anyone else. Any unauthorized downloading, re-transmission or other copying or modification of trade-marks and/or the contents herein may be a violation of federal or common law, trade-mark and/or copyright laws and could subject the copier to legal action.

  • ®* -- Bank of Montreal is a licensed user of the registered trademark and design owned by Mastercard International Inc., the Interac trademark of Interac Inc., and the Cirrus trademark of Cirrus System Inc.

    ®§ -- Interac and Interac在线免费观看 e-Transfer are registered trademarks of Interac Inc. Used under license.

    ® TM† -- Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Co. and Bank of Montreal.

    ®#-- Bank of Montreal is a licensed user of the Maestro trade-mark owned by Maestro International Incorporated.

    ® ** Registered trademark of Student Price Card Ltd.

    ®††/TM††在线免费观看 -- Trademarks of American Express Company.

    ®** S&P/TSX 60® and S&P 500® are trademarks of the McGraw-Hill Companies inc. "TSX" is a trademark of the Toronto Stock Exchange. These marks have been licensed for use by Bank of Montreal.

    在线免费观看® Diners Club and Diners Club International with the Split Circle Device, Club Rewards and Club Cash are registered trademarks of Diners Club International Ltd.; Bank of Montreal is a licensed user.

    ®# 2015 Western Union Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    ®†† National, the “flag” and Emerald Club are trademarks of Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA, LLC.

    ®** Alamo is a trademark of Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA, LLC.

    ™†*Priority Pass is a registered trade-mark of Priority Pass Inc.

    ®†# CREDIT ALERT®在线免费观看 is a federally registered trademark of Intersections Inc. Credit Alert is offered in Canada by Sigma Loyalty Group Inc. Used under license by Bank of Montreal.

    ™†# InfoProtector® 360 is a trademark of Sigma Loyalty Group Inc. Used under license by Bank of Montreal.

    在线免费观看Apple, the Apple Logo, Apple Pay, iPhone, Apple Watch and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iOS is trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries.

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