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在线免费观看To be the wealth management services provider that defines great client experience. Our priority is to help you achieve your financial goals. Your success is our success.


Our strategy is to constantly evolve with changes to help deliver on your wealth management needs, both now and in the future. To achieve this, our advisors work hard to truly understand your needs and recommend the best solutions. We can then provide you with wealth solutions that holistically consider various aspects of your financial situation, personal and family objectives and life stage.


Using this approach, we serve a broad spectrum of clients, including
ultra-high-net-worth and institutional clients. We operate in Canada, the United States and select global markets including Asia and Europe.



Working collaboratively we strive to:


  • Simplify the complicated financial affairs that come with wealth.
  • Guide and advise you about how to respond to changes in your life and the world around you.
  • Provide research-driven advice to help solve your most complex financial challenges.


  • An advice-based approach focused on developing a robust plan that considers investments, insurance, specialized wealth management and core banking solutions.
  • Highly skilled wealth professionals, who are committed to providing an exceptional client experience.
  • Strong national presence in Canada, as well as strategic positioning in select high-growth U.S. and emerging wealth and asset management markets.



在线免费观看Our services have been recognized for excellence in customer experience by both the industry and wealth management clients.

Best Wealth Management Bank Canada

BMO Wealth Management

在线免费观看2015 - International Finance Magazine


Best Wealth Management in Canada

BMO Wealth Management

在线免费观看2014 – 2015 – Global Banking & Finance Review


Highest Client Loyalty**

BMO Nesbitt Burns®

在线免费观看2013 – Full Service Brokerage Report – Ipsos Reid


Best Full Service Investment Advisory in Canada

BMO Nesbitt Burns®

2014 – Global Banking & Finance Review


Best Private Bank – Canada

BMO Private Banking®

2011-2014 – World Finance Magazine

2011-2014 – Global Banking & Finance Review


Most Satisfied Online Brokerage Clients*

在线免费观看BMO InvestorLine

2013 – Online Brokerage Report – Ipsos Reid


Best Online Brokerage

BMO InvestorLine

在线免费观看2013-2014 – Morningstar Canada Investment Awards


#1 in Client Service

BMO Investment Centre

在线免费观看2006-2013 - DALBAR


*2013 Online Brokerage Report; Based on scores directionally higher vs.TD Direct Investing, RBC Direct Investing, CIBC Investor's Edge, Scotia iTRADE. **BMO Nesbitt Burns received the highest net promoter score (tied with Scotia McLeod) for its advisors. The net promoter score is based on the difference between the percentage who say they would definitely recommend their advisor and the percentage who say they might or would not. †For the seventh consecutive year, BMO Investment Centre has been recognized for exceptional customer service by winning the Dalbar Mutual Funds Service Award.






BMO Nesbitt Burns


Our full-service brokerage service offers comprehensive investment services, leveraging strong financial planning capabilities. This includes all aspects of managing, protecting and transferring wealth, such as investments, tax efficiency, estate planning, retirement planning, cash management, planned giving, trusts and wills.


在线免费观看Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund and Member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.


Explore more about BMO Nesbitt Burns






Our online investing brokerage service offers a range of tools to help plan, research and manage investing decisions. It also includes adviceDirect, the first service in Canada that provides investing advice to online investors.


在线免费观看BMO InvestorLine Self-directed is an online investing service that provides order execution only for equities, options, mutual funds, fixed income and foreign exchange currency.


在线免费观看An adviceDirect account is a non-discretionary fee based account which offers investment recommendations. adviceDirect does not provide portfolio management by a portfolio manager. The client makes their own investment decisions and manages their own investment portfolio. adviceDirect does not offer discretionary, managed accounts.


Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund and Member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.






BMO Private Banking


Our private banking business offers a comprehensive range of financial services and solutions to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients, including enhanced banking services, trust and estate services and investment management services.


在线免费观看Banking products and services are provided by Bank of Montreal. BMO Private Investment Counsel Inc. provides investment management and advisory services. Estate, trust, planning, administration, custodial and tax services are offered through BMO Trust Company.


Explore more about BMO Private Banking





BMO Global Asset Management


Our global investment organization provides investment management, retirement plan administration, and trust and custody services to institutional clients around the world.


Investment advisory services in Canada are provided by BMO Asset Management Inc., BMO Asset Management Corp., Monegy, Inc., LGM Investments Limited, BMO Global Asset Management (Asia) Limited and Pyrford International Limited.



Explore more about BMO Global Asset Management





Financial Planning services


BMO Investments Inc. offers financial planning services and investment advice in BMO Bank of Montreal branches through BMO financial planners.


在线免费观看Financial planners will not monitor your account to ensure the ongoing suitability of your investments. If you have any questions or concerns about the suitability of the investments in your account, or believe the investments in your account no longer reflect your stated investment objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon or other circumstances, please contact your financial planner to arrange a review.


BMO financial planner refers to Financial Planners, Investment and Retirement Planning that are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and separate entity from Bank of Montreal.


Explore more financial planning services






Connect with a wealth management services professional.


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