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BMO SmartFolio

Smart Digital Investing for all Canadians

Illustration of portfolio manager on a laptop

help you invest smarter with confidence

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在线免费观看with advisory fees from 0.4 to 0.7%.

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of , fees and progress towards your goals.

What is SmartFolio?

SmartFolio is a digital investing experience that helps you invest online with confidence. The first service of its kind by any bank in Canada, SmartFolio gives you the convenience of online investing with the support of expert portfolio managers.

The benefits of low-fee investing

Management fees can really have an impact on your investments over time. The graph below shows how lower fees improve the return of a portfolio with a 0.7% fee vs a 2% fee (with a 6% return). To see the difference lower fees can make to your investments, simply enter your investment amount and the number of years you plan to invest:

在线免费观看Input your investment amount or use the slider to calculate your fees.

Please enter value between $1,000 and $500,000



在线免费观看Input the number of years you plan to invest your money or use the slider.

Please enter value between 5 years and 25 years

5 years

25 years

What it costs:

A 0.7% fee portfolio

在线免费观看Monthly Account Fees

A 2% fee portfolio

在线免费观看Monthly Account Fees

Value of fee savings over time:

Compared to a 2% fee portfolio

Online investing with a human touch

SmartFolio is an online service, but your portfolio is managed by experienced professionals. Your portfolio management team regularly reviews and adjusts your portfolio, so you don’t have to worry about making trades or market changes. They do all the heavy lifting, you reap all the rewards.

SmartFolio by the numbers

300 years
Combined experience of Portfolio Managers and Chartered Financial Analysts
Times your portfolio is rebalanced per year
fee for managing your portfolio

Smart ways to invest with SmartFolio

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A hand adding pennies to a jar
A jar labeled RRSP filled with coins
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A man and woman in their sixties are eating lunch and smiling at each other. Sun streams in through a window behind them.
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Getting started with SmartFolio

It’s quick and easy to open a SmartFolio account if you’re a BMO customer. Once you complete our risk questionnaire, we just need:

  • An estimate of your net worth
  • Your social insurance number
  • Your bank information

Not a BMO customer? We’ll need to get to know a little more about you to get you started.

Ready to start investing?

在线免费观看Open your SmartFolio account and let us help you reach your financial goals. Start by getting matched with an ETF Portfolio.

More ways to invest online

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在线免费观看Feel free to send us a note, but please don’t send account numbers and/or passwords.

在线免费观看Have a BMO SmartFolio Representative contact you.

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1 Seven BMO ETFs were awarded top honours在线免费观看 at the 2017 Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards

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